A cooperative of Northeast family farms producing the finest quality, humanely raised, grass-fed beef for wholesale markets


Adirondack Grazers Cooperative is a group of grass-fed beef producers ranging in size from small to mid-scale family farms in New York, Vermont, Pennsylvania and other New England States, that naturally raise grass-fed beef without hormones or antibiotics. The Cooperative works to maximize member revenue by developing sales in wholesale and specialty markets not easily available to individual farmers. The Cooperative provides our customers with the highest quality pasture fed beef that is produced regionally.



Our premium grass-fed beef is raised without antibiotics or hormones on farms that focus on animal welfare. Animals are raised on a 100% vegetarian diet of forage and pasture and never receive grain. Our animals are never given growth hormones and are allowed to mature naturally.

Source Verification

Our cattle are born on member farms and harvested from member farms. We track animals from birth to harvest with electronic tags and a cooperative-wide, herd management software system.

Virtual Cattle Sorting

We use custom, cloud-based software to collect and analyze animal data provided by our producers to project supply and guarantee the shipment of cattle meeting the target carcass characteristics defined by our clients.

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